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Located downtown, the heart of Lisbon, in one of its most emblematic squares - Largo do Carmo - this luxurious space has direct access to Rua Garrett that, with its highly recognized identity, is one of the most traditional Lisbon streets. Lisbon Lounge Suites Chiado is a one of a kind apartment with an amazing view.


Travessa do Carmo 1 - 4ºB - Bloco 1, 1200-049 Lisboa

+351 91 374 17 38 -

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Elegant and Luxurious


Space and Amenities

The apartment, with a rough area of 200m², offer views to a beautiful Lisbon scenario.

3 x Bedrooms Balcony
2.5 x Bathroom Heating
1 x Livingroom Free WiFi
1 x Kitchen Cable TV
Panoramic view of the city

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Free Wifi

All apartments have access to a Wi-Fi network.

Daily Clean

Cleaning services for the apartments are included in our daily rate.

Cable TV

All apartments have HD TV.


There is at your disposal a washer and dryer, installed in a common area and at no additional cost.


Private and covered parking is available (Extra).

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Clients Reviews

Exceeded my expectations. Spectacular views. It is located in a beautiful upscale neighborhood, which was a joy to explore.

David - Guest Airbnb

Great place. Everything was perfect.

Sean - Guest Airbnb

Beautiful flat, perfect.

Delphine - Guest Airbnb

Claudio and Saul are incredible hosts. It was the best Airbnb experience I have ever had so far.

Dor - Guest Airbnb

The apartment exceeds the expectations! Perfect for people who appreciate good taste!

Paulo - Guest Airbnb

Claudio and Saul are incredible hosts. It was the best Airbnb experience I have ever had so far.

Dor - Guest Airbnb

Right in the center of



Lisbon Lounge Suites
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