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Lisbon Fun facts – Facts you should know before visiting Lisbon

Lisbon Lounge Suites is here to make your stay even better. Here are some fun facts you should know before arriving in Lisbon:

  1. Second oldest city in Europe

Athens might be the oldest city in Europe, but Lisbon is second on this list. It was first ruled by the Romans, Germans, and Arabs before 1147 when Portuguese crusaders finally conquered it. However, it’s been an economic, political and cultural center for so long that it never really got officially confirmed as Portugal’s capital city, until a few centuries ago.

  1. Our official language is Portuguese

People often think that, since Portugal is so small compared to other western European countries, that it must be part of Spain. However, although Portugal is indeed small, its official language is Portuguese and not Spanish as many mistakenly think so. Don’t worry though; most people in Lisbon speak a wide variety of Languages from English, French, and Spanish to even Mandarin and Hindi, due to the city being a large metropolitan city.

  1. Travel more for less

Lisbon, although being a capital city, provides excellent quality food, great accommodation, and nightlife for a fraction of the cost of some of Europe’s other capital cities. It makes a great European budget holiday destination, especially because beer is as cheap as €1 in many places! But you can also enjoy more luxury drinks and meals at a lower cost, making this a place for budget and luxury travellers.

  1. Unique, traditional buildings

Some parts of Lisbon maintain the antique architectural buildings painted all sorts of colors or covered in unique tiles. While tiles in art are common the world over, in Lisbon they became part of the architecture of the buildings themselves. They first became popular in the 1500s. On a stroll around Lisbon today it’s impossible the miss he beautifully tiled buildings, and the huge amount of street art that’s all over the city.

  1. Sunniest place in Europe

Lisbon is known for its hot and sunny climate, even in the winter! Although temperatures reach over 30 in the summer, the proximity of the Atlantic means cooler breezes make it more bearable.

Lisbon Lounge Suites hopes that you enjoy your stay in Lisbon.