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Your ultimate guide to Lisbon: Top attractions you need to see

With its top class food, vibrant culture, stylish city, it can be overwhelming for the first time tourist in Lisbon to know what to visit. So, Lisbon Lounge Suites is here to help you decide which attractions you should definitely be visiting while you explore this beautiful city.

  1. Torre de Belem

‘Torre de Belem (Belem’s Tower) is a world heritage landmark and one of Portugal’s most famous and most visited monuments. The Gothic tower was built to guard the entrance to the harbor and has some fine examples of Portuguese stonework dating from the 1500s.

  1. Aqueduto das Águas Livres

This city’s majestic aqueduct, in the center of Lisbon, was erected in the 18th century under King John V. It amazes anyone that passes due to its large and aesthetics structure. Lisbon Lounge Suites knows that it’s best to go in the morning or late afternoon to escape the crowds and get an unrivalled view of Monsanto forest and the city’s sprawl when the sun is at its most majestic.

  1. Igreja de São Vicente de Fora

Lisbon Lounge Suites knows that this is a mandatory monument to visit in Lisbon during your stay. Portugal’s first king, Afonso Henriques, laid the foundation stone for the first church of St Vincent ‘Outside’ – this use to be beyond the city walls – hardly a month after taking Lisbon from the Moors in 1147. He was fulfilling a vow to construct Christian houses of worship on the sites where Portuguese soldiers and northern European crusaders lay buried.

  1. Time-out Market

Time Out Market is becoming more and more one of the top things to do in Lisbon for all visitors. The food court of Lisbon’s historic market hall – the Mercado da Ribeira – was taken over by Time Out in early 2014. The revamped (and bustling) Time Out Mercado da Ribeira is now home to 35 permanent stalls from some of Lisbon’s most celebrated foodie shops and restaurants. Try Portuguese wines from Garrafeira Nacional, ice-creams from Santini, and pastries from Aloma – or get a flavour of one of the country’s culinary heroes, Henrique Sá Pessoa, at his on-site eateries.

All Lisbon Lounge suites guests are nearby these top attractions and can be all done by public transports as they are located near metro lines and the train.

Lisbon Lounge Suites hopes that you enjoy your stay in Lisbon.